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Ganesh Himal (Ruby Valley) Kalo-Seto Kunda Camping Trek

rek through the Ruby Valley filled with hills of red, pink & pale Rhododendrons, meet the Tamangs who reside there, find serenity & bliss.

Ganesh Himal (Ruby Valley) Kalo-Seto Kunda Camping Trek

USD1860 per person

Ganesh Himal is named after the legendary elephant-headed Hindu God Ganesh.The Ganesh Range Peaks (Ganesh I, Ganesh II, Ganesh III, Ganesh IV) stand out like crystals, forming a “Great Himalayan Chain” in the skyline.

Plan a trip into this pristine part of Eastern Nepal, where beautiful valleys meet snow capped mountains smiling back at you. Walk through breathtaking meadows and untouched coniferous forests, where you get to experience the quaint old villages of the local ethnic people. Hike through forests filled with pastel shades of red, pink and white, as you enter forests covered entirely of Nepal’s national flower, the Rhododendron.

Wildflowers flourish, and waterfalls embellish the lush hill scenery in a land blessed with wide ranging geographical, cultural and biological diversity. Sensational viewpoints feature the sublime Himalaya to the north. Most prominent is the Ganesh Himal Range — a family of peaks among the most attractive of the entire Himalaya. The Ganesh massif is named in honor of Hindu deity Ganesh, son of Shiva and Parvati. The Ganesh Himal area has some excellent viewpoints that offer magnificent views of peaks and valleys. Most rewarding are the magnificent Ganga Jamuna — twin waterfalls — Kalo, Seto and Ganesh kunda, hot spring and Tripurasundari temple and especially the hospitable people that inhabit the region.

Ganesh Himal (Ruby Valley) Kalo-Seto Kunda Camping Trek Short Program

Day 1 Kathmandu Arrival .
Day 2 Kathmandu-Shyabru Besi (1503m) (8-9 hrs drive)
Day 3 Shyabru Besi-Chawatar- Gatlang (1 hr drive, 5- 6 hrs hike)
Day 4 Gatlang-Parvati Kunda-Yuri Kharka-Somdang 3271m (6-7 hrs trek)
Day 5 Somdang-Pangsang Pass 3842m (3 ½ hrs)
Day 6 Pangsang Pass-Tipling– Shertung-Chalish 1875m (5-6 hrs)
Day 7 Chalish-Hindung (Gomba Danda) 2402m (4 -5 hrs)
Day 8 Hindung-Thulo Dhunga 3337m (4-5 hrs)
Day 9 Thulo Dhunga-Base Camp (Nojet Kharka) 3691m (6 hrs)
Day 10 Exploration Day/viewpoint
Day 11 Return from Base Camp to Hindung (7-8 hrs)
Day 12 Hindung-hot springs-Racyat Gaon/Kapur Gaon 1500m (5-6 hrs)
Day 13 Rachyat/Kapur Gaon-Lapa-Khading Gaon 2025m (4-5 hrs)
Day 14 Khading Gaon to Magne Goth 2950m (4 hrs)
Day 15 Magne Goth – Lapu Danda 1250m (5-6 hrs)
Day 16 Lapu Danda – Ganga Jamuna 950m (5-6 hrs)
Day 17 Ganga Jamuna – Tripura Sundari 850m (5-6 hrs)
Day 18 Tripura Sundari – Kathmandu (6-7 hrs drive)
Day 19 Free Day Kathmandu
Day 20 Departure as per your schedule .



Day 1 Kathmandu Arrival .
Once you arrive Airport our company Representative pick greet and meet you at Airport. Transfer to hotel in Kathmandu . [B]
Day 2 Kathmandu-Shyabru Besi (1503m) (8-9 hrs drive).
The journey begins from Kathmandu to Shyabru Besi (1503m) drive by private jeep. Mesmerizing scenic driving through Trishuli Bazaar, Ramche Gaon and Dhunche Bazaar takes us to this beautiful village. Though the road is narrow and serpentine, amazing landscape along the way ensures good start to your trek.Overnight At GuestHouse in Shyabrubesi . [B.L.D]
Day 3 Shyabru Besi- Gatlang ( 5- 6 hrs hike) .
First Day of Trek, a dirt track climbs uphill from Shyabru Besi until Bahun Danda Pass and descends to Tamang settlement of Gatlang – a popular village along the Tamang Heritage Trail. Gatlang is a Tamang village with unique customs and craftsmanship in a magnificent setting.Overnight at community homestay in Gatlang village . [B.L.D]
Day 4 Gatlang - Somdang 3271m (6-7 hrs trek)
The trail passes through pine and rhododendron forest to a lunch point of Yuri Kharka before continuing to Khurphu Bhanjyang and then dropping down to the Somdang River . A sprawling mining compound, which is no longer functional ( extract zinc, copper, tin, crystal and even highly-prized rubies), lies a few hours north of the river. The trek passes through a scenic valley featuring the 200 m Chukarma Waterfall.Overnight Camping / Homestay in Somdang Village . [B.L.D.]
Day 5 Somdang-Pangsang Pass 3842m (3 ½ hrs)
Pangsang Kharka is a viewpoint southwest of Somdang village with a broad panorama of the surrounding terrain. Lying north are the peaks of Manaslu and the Ganesh Himal Range. The large meadow is graced with a giant entry gateway and is a sensational location for camping and breathtaking scenery.Overnight at Pangsang Pass Camp or Tea House . [B.L.D.]
Day 6 Pangsang Pass to Chalish 1875m (5-6 hrs)
Trek to Chalish village via Tipling village and  Shertung village . Descend to Tipling, a large village with two Buddhist monasteries and a Protestant and Catholic Church. Along a ridge top to the east lies a gomba and cremation ground for both Buddhists and Christians lined with colorful flags. Descend to cross the Adha Khola on a box bridge and ascend to the sister villages of Shertung and Chalish, overlooking the fertile river valley and abundant fields. Shertung is inhabited mainly by Tamang. The name Shertung means 'place of gold'. According to a legend, two brothers in search of gold were led here by a dream and thus the settlement was born. Tamang people here perform shaman dance and horse dance, which are believed to have been inspired from Tibetan culture. The Jhankri (shaman) tradition is popular in this area with the worship of natural forces and indigenous local deities interwoven with Hindu and Buddhist practices.Shertung or Chalish village is the only village in this region.Overnight at Chalish village on locals homes/ Camp . [B.L.D.]
Day 7 Chalish to Hindung (Gomba Danda) 2402m (4 -5 hrs)
After Breakfast trek heads towards Hindung Village also known as Gomba Danda, a Tamang village of around 550 inhabitants. Crystals and rubies are found in the areas to the north. Locals also collect Yarsagumba – a medicinal herb – in the surrounding highlands.Overnight at Hindung (Gomba Danda) 2402m . [B.L.D]
Day 8 Hindung to Thulo Dhunga 3337m (4-5 hrs)
Mornign trek towards Thulo Dhunga , a camp that offers magnificent waterfalls cascading down. The area is rich in terms of flora and fauna. Wildlife found in the area includes musk deer, jharal, wild boar, langur, leopard, pheasant and partridge. Vegetation includes bamboo, rhododendron and juniper among abundant wildflowers.CAMP at Thulo Dhunga 3337m . [B.L.D]
Day 9 Thulo Dhunga to Base Camp (Nojet Kharka) Trek 3691m (6 hrs)
The trail continues steeply with occasional jaw-dropping views of the snowy peaks. Continue through seasonal grazing areas to eventually drop into an immense green meadow and splendid camp site known as Nojet Kharka.CAMP at NOJET KHARKA [B.L.D]
Day 10 Exploration Day/viewpoint at Nojet Kharka 3691m
in day 10 we take reserve exploration day in NOJET KHARKA. A climb to the ridge to the northeast, Dobra Danda, is rewarded with a supreme viewpoint of towering Ganesh Himal. The mesmerizing sight is unforgettable. Two small lakes shimmer below at the foot of the Himalaya. Kalo Kunda (black lake) has waters that mirror the awe-inspiring surroundings and the smaller Seto Kunda (white lake) has a seasonal pasture nearby. These lakes are said to have spiritual power.CAMP at NOJET KHARKA [B.L.D]
Day 11 Return from Base Camp to Hindung (7-8 hrs)
Trek from Base camp to Hindung (Gomba Danda) will be almost the same way back. However, stunning mountain views, surrounding landscape of mother nature and downhill jungle walk makes the trek pleasing.Overnight Hindung village Homestay /CAMP . [B.L.D]
Day 12 Hindung to Racyat Gaon/Kapur Gaon 1500m (5-6 hrs)
From today trek decending to Racyat Gaon/Kapur Gaon 1500m vi Tatopani (Hot spring) River south to a built up riverside hot springs with a bathing pool and three taps. Relax and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. Pass through Tir on the way to Racyat and Kapur villages.Overnight at Kapur villages Homestay /tea House/Camp .[ B.L.D]
Day 13 Kapur Gaon to Khading Gaon trek 2025m (4-5 hrs)
Trek towards Khading village about 4-5 hrs trek,pass through Lapchyat gaon which is a charming Gurung village with nearly 30 homes. Cross the Lapa Khola on a box bridge and ascend along a trail surrounded by fields to the walled compound of a newly built hospital of the large town of Lapa gaon with over 400 homes. Above Lapa gaon is Khading the largest Gurung village of the area. The residents have a welcoming spirit, and the people are enthusiastic to perform cultural dances with traditional music.OVERNIGHT AT KHADING GAON (KHADING VILLAGE) HOME STAY/CAMP . [B.L.D.]
Day 14 Khading Gaon to Magne Goth Trek 2950m (4 hrs)
Trek towards to Magne Goth trek steeply up the hill to the west in a tall, blue pine forest with rambling rhododendron is Magne Goth, and nearby is a large boulder, location of ruby extraction.OVERNIGHT AT Magne Goth HOME STAY/CAMP . [B.L.D.]
Day 15 Magne Goth to Lapu Danda Trek 1250m (5-6 hrs)
After Magne Goth, the trek enters Gorkha district. The trek goes downhill to cross Chote Khola before climbing through lush forest and descending into a valley with excellent panoramas including Manaslu, soaring in the western horizon. Pass through the scenic villages of Dhonjet, Kartunje and Manbu and re-enter Dhading district to reach the magnificently located Laphu Danda, a Bramhin village, with a large school and surrounded by bountiful fields. Take in views of snow-clad Himalchuli and Shringi peaks with a section of the Ganesh Range.OVERNIGHT AT Lapu Danda HOME STAY/CAMP . [B.L.D.]
Day 16 Lapu Danda to Ganga Jamuna Village Trek 950m (5-6 hrs).
The path climbs through fertile fields of Baseri as it ascends to Dandagaon, with excellent views of Manaslu and more. Continue gradually to the glorious twin waterfalls of Ganga Jamuna.OVERNIGHT AT Ganga Jamuna Village HOME STAY/CAMP . [B.L.D.]
Day 17 Ganga Jamuna to Tripura Sundari Village Hike 850m (5-6 hrs)
This day will be quite easy walking day passing most of the Bhramin people's villages, paddy terraces and low land terrain views of the surroundings. Local culture, views of peaks of Manaslu range as well as the Akhu River are the major attractions of this day.OVERNIGHT AT Tripura Sundari Village HOME STAY/CAMP . [B.L.D.]
Day 18 Tripura Sundari to Kathmandu Drive (6-7 hrs drive)
Take a private Jeep to Kathmandu from Tripura Sundari.OVERNIGHT AT KATHMANDU HOTEL. [B]
Day 19 Free Day Kathmandu .
Free day in Kathmandu . We offer city sightseeing tour for you on day time .OVERNIGHT AT KATHMANDU HOTEL. [B] 
Day 20 Departure as per your schedule .
Transfer to Airport as per your schedule .


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